August Mid-Monthly Specials August 15 - September 15

LiverCare® by Himalaya

LiverCare®by Himalaya

90 Vegetarian Capsules35.9526.97180 Vegetarian Capsules58.9544.97

Highlight: LiverCare protects normal liver enzyme levels and reduces bilirubin in the blood, both of which are key indicators of liver performance

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Works in multiple capacities to free the body of toxins and waste.
Stimulates bile production needed to break down high fat meals (keto)
Increases your body’s nitrogen retention, a key indicator of protein creation


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Schinoussa Keto 600 Exogenous 100% Pure BHB Salts

Schinoussa Keto 600 Exogenous100% Pure BHB Salts

75 Vegan Capsules48.9538.97

Highlight: The exogenous keto salts are able to activate a keto diet, maintain a state of ketosis and provide mental and physical energy when no or minimal calories from sugar or carbs are available; fat stores are quickly released for energy and weight loss occurs

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Weight Loss
Mental Focus
Stimulant free
Sodium salt free


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BioCoenzymated™ Active B Complex Full Spectrum CoEnzyme B’s

BioCoenzymated™ Active B ComplexFull Spectrum CoEnzyme B’s

60 Vegetarian Capsules24.9921.97120 Vegetarian Capsules44.9935.97

Highlight: Aids nutrient metabolism, to support energy production in the body

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Helps the body form red blood cells and tissues
Helps support normal growth and development
Helps support liver function
A factor in the maintenance of good health


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