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Hello Summer

Monthly Specials

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August 1 – August 31

Be Dollar Wise - Buy Canadian

Optimum Health Opti Meno-Balance

Optimum Health Dim & D-Glucorate

90 Caps, Sale $23.99

Helps reduce changes associated with menopause

60 Caps, Reg. $39.99
Sale $29.99

Supports desirable estrogen metabolism and clearance.


Optimum Health Opti Digestaway

120 Caps $29.95
Sale $23.99

100 Caps, Sale $29.99

Aids the digestion and assimilation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

Optimum Health NEW: Gluco Balance

Optimum Health Opti-Slim Garcinia

Two sizes, intro pricing:
90 Caps $29.99
180 Caps $49.99

Supports healthy glucose metabolism

200 Caps $24.99

Helps to temporarily increase satiety and feeling of fullness.

Read more about Opti-Slim here

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Optimized Black Tea Extract


60 Caps, Clearance $19.99

Older series label

60 Caps, Reg. $36.25
Sale $29.99

  • A natural solution to promote restful sleep
  • Prevents insomnia
  • Restores restful sleep patterns
  • Promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety

Learn more at the AOR wbesite

Medi-C Plus


300g, Reg. $32.75
Sale $24.99
600g, Reg. $58.50
Sale $44.00

(original flavour only)

Vitamin C and L-Lysine formula. Available in original and berry flavours.

  • Helps support cardiovascular health
  • Helps collagen formation
  • Maintains healthy teeth and gums
  • Maintains healthy bones and cartilage
  • Helps connective tissue formation
  • Helps wound healing
  • Helps maintain good health

Learn more at the Preferred Nutrition website

45 Caps, Reg. $24.99
Sale $39.99
120 Caps, Reg. $63.99
Sale $54.00

Strong Bones helps you build and maintain stronger bones. Strong Bones contains the proper form of calcium (MCHC) from New Zealand with cofactors for immediate absorption for the prevention of osteoporosis.

Learn more at the Preferred Nutrition website

Acidophilus Ultra

Magnesium Citrate


60 Caps, Reg. $29.99
Sale $24.99
120 Caps, Reg. $53.99
Sale $44.99
250 Caps, Reg. $89.99
Sale $76.00

Acidophilus Ultra is a synergistic blend of eleven probiotics and 11 billion live active cells to combat digestive disturbances, diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloating and lactose intolerance. With PH5D enteric coating.

Learn more about Acidophilus Ultra here

Natural Factors Magnesium Citrate

150mg Bonus Bottle
210 Caps, Reg. $24.75
Sale $18.99

  • High-absorption citrate form of magnesium
  • Supports in the formation and maintenance of healthy bone
  • Balances the absorption and utilization of calcium
  • Helps alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety

Learn more about Magnesium Citrate here