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March 15 - April 15

Optimum Health
Opti AI Extra


Optimum Health
Opti Female Balance

120 Caps $29.99

Don’t let snow mold and seasonal allergies get you down.

Modulates response to inflammation and allergy.

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90 Caps $23.99

Supports normal hormonal balance.

Optimum Health
Optimized Resveratrol


Optimum Health

60 Caps $21.99

Antioxidant for the maintenance of good health.

With Nettle, Quercetin and Grape Seed Extract.


100 Caps $19.99

Helps decrease cognitive fatigue.

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Optimum Health


Natural Factors CoconutRich Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

120 Softgels $29.99

Supports healthy immune function. Alkylglycerols from shark liver oil.

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120 Softgels $12.99

CoconutRich is a natural source of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). These beneficial fats are known to stimulate the metabolism and assist in healthy weight management. Clinical research has confirmed that MCTs are more easily absorbed and used for energy than most other fats. They also support cardiovascular and brain health, and their antimicrobial activities are therapeutic for candida and other microbial infections.

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CanPrev Magnesium
Bis•Glycinate 200


DōMatcha® Organic

90 Caps $24.99

Magnesium Bis•Glycinate 200 delivers a significant 200mg dose of elemental magnesium in every capsule. Magnesium bisglycinate is the preferred form of magnesium due to its superior absorption and gentleness on the bowels. Each bottle contains a 90 day supply of 100% pure magnesium bisglycinate, in easy to swallow vegetable capsules. Magnesium has been shown by research to be essential to maintaining the health of bones and teeth as well as the functioning of muscles, including the heart muscle.


30g & 80g 10% OFF

Certified organic by JONA (Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association), this premium, organic ceremonial Matcha is the purest and most sustainable way to enjoy the ancient Matcha tradition. Our DoMatcha® Ceremonial Organic Matcha is produced in Kagoshima, Japan.


DōMatcha® Ceremonial Matcha


Enerex Osteo Cal:Mag

30g & 80g 10% OFF

DōMatcha® Ceremonial grade matcha is brought to you directly from Kagoshima Japan. Only the finest leaves are selected to guarantee a smooth and pleasant flavor. 



90 Tablets $19.99

180 Tablets $38.99 

Osteo Cal:Mag offers highly-absorbable chelated Calcium and Magnesium, along with co-worker nutrients Boron, Silicon and Vitamins D and K that are vital to bones, and our superfood raw organic kale to combat acidity in the body — perhaps the missing link to osteoporosis prevention. We believe this formula is the most advanced and effective one available. It’s good to the bone!

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