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Health Food Stores in Edmonton & Sherwood Park

Optimum Health Vitamins is a locally owned chain of health food stores in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park area. Our company was founded by John H. Biggs BSc, NCP, OHP in 1993 inside a popular south Edmonton supermarket called Debaji's Fresh Market, and in 2002 he joined forces with his wife Nicola, the proprietor of an organic skincare and Spa…Kolya Naturals.

Over the years, our popularity has grown, primarily by providing exceptional natural health information, and customer service, as well as a broad selection of natural health products. At Optimum Health Vitamins we practice what we preach, and with 3 large stores we now offer over 7000 supplements, natural skin and bodycare products, essential oils, raw botanical and herbal ingredients, teas, DIY workshops and sponsored events.

In addition to carrying top 3rd party brands, we also produce our own line of unique Optimum Health Vitamins formulations. They can be purchased in our stores or online.

Popular Products

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More Than "C"With Optiberry®

Highlight: Helps in connective tissue formation. Helps the body metabolize fats.

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Opti-D3 1000IU


Highlight: Aids the development and maintenance of bones

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Opti-DIM 150MG


Highlight: Supports production of desirable estrogen metabolites.

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